Book #3 – Olerium – The Jenny and Jingles Chronicles – The Quest for Ark Mountain

Book 3

The sky is filled with wails, screams and unearthly laughter. In the morning, small fires and black smoke fill the air. All the rubble, window ledges and what are left of door openings is full of soot. The land around the Temple has been burnt to a crisp. Everything is destroyed. Everything looks hopeless.

Continuing their expedition across Olerium, Maia and Mailin learn that many dark secrets dwell beneath the surface of this magical world.

Tasked with finding the last members of the Opius Union at Ark Mountain, certain peril awaits the warriors as they come face-to-face with Spirit Tigers, The Red Skulls and a vengeance-seeking foe.

With limited magical abilities guiding them through wicked and forgotten lands, desperation is all they have to complete their quest.

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