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Book #3 in The Jenny and Jingles Chronicles

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Continuing their expedition across Olerium, Maia and Mailin learn that many dark secrets dwell beneath the surface of this magical world. Tasked with finding the last members of the Opius Union at Ark Mountain, certain peril awaits the warriors as they come face-to-face with Spirit Tigers, The Red Skulls and a vengeance-seeking foe. With limited magical abilities guiding them through wicked and forgotten lands, desperation is all they have to complete their quest. 

Book 3
The story of

Ansie Ehrke

Published Author and Freelance Writer

Ansie Ehrke was born and raised in a tiny farming town called Paulpietersburg set on the edge of Kwazulu-Natal in South Africa.

From a very young age, Ansie found comfort in writing poetry and short stories. To her, the world seemed bleak without at least three open books leading to an adventure on every page.

While losing her mother to cancer at the mere age of 11 years took its toll on how she imagined her life would be, the world still needed to be storied.

With encouragement and inspiration from her husband and two lively children, she has set out to sate avid reader’s hunger.

Her Creative Partner, Corey Horth, plays a huge role in building, crafting and sculpting each character into a masterpiece that is then used to create magic with words.

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